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Historic Berwick-upon-Tweed



Discover the most disputed town in Europe. Berwick changed hands between the English and Scots for over 300 years.

Discover what made it so important and why it once might have been the capital of Scotland!


One of the aims of Berwick Time Lines is to promote Berwick-upon-Tweed and the area.  I want to work with local businesses and groups to promote this town so that everyone, resident and visitor alike can enjoy this beautiful town.  

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​With over 17 years experience in the heritage sector in Berwick, North Northumberland and the Borders I can assist individuals, groups and organisations with all aspects of research, education and exhibition production.



“My friend and I and two smalls had a fun-filled tour with Jim exploring the history of Berwick Castle. Lots of insights and information, delivered in a humourous accessible manner that made it not only a treat for the young but a real learning experience for the adults”


Elaine M, Berwick-upon-Tweed

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