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Get on a Berwick Time Line

Once the most prosperous town in Scotland, Berwick-upon-Tweed was at the heart of the Anglo-Scottish wars, changing hands thirteen times!  Find out what made this such a prize and how it developed into a beautiful Georgian gem on a series of fascinating tours – the Berwick Time Lines.

  • Four tours to choose from at a time to suit you.
    Give me a call or email to check availability.
    07595 465284 ● berwicktimelines

  • All tours only £7 each and the children go FREE!

  • Discounts for groups available.

The Castle Line

Meet at the top of the station approach, Railway Street 

Berwick Castle was one of the most important fortresses in the Anglo–Scottish Wars. It now stands in ruins but there’s a lot more to be seen than you think. This tour brings this great castle back to life. Start the story with its dark beginnings, discover the Donjon and meet Constable Tower! Why are they called the Break-y-neck Steps? Unearth the grubby garderobe and caged Countess and finally track down the truth of the railways.

Access: Even paths but a lot of steps and steep slopes.

Berwick Time Lines Map

The Medieval Line

Meet at the Holiday Camp entrance, Northumberland Avenue

Take a journey amongst the original Berwick Walls started by Edward I, “Hammer of The Scots”. These defences bear witness to the Anglo-Scottish wars and chart the changes in military technology from the earliest ditch defence to the 16th century bulwarks and bastions. The tour takes in the murky past of Spades Mire, the alarming truth of manning the Bell Tower and the mix up of Lord’s Mount. And why did an Earl complain that there weren’t enough murderers in town?

Access: Some uneven paths and steps.

The Tower Line

Meet above Ness Gate, Ness Street

500 years of history in 500 yards in 50 minutes! This short but fascinating tour takes you around the beautiful estuary walls built in the 14th century and modified by the Georgians. Along the way the tour peers into piers, lighthouses and whaling houses, Berwick’s “War with Russia”, rediscovers lost towers and gateways and has exclusive access into the last two remaining Medieval Towers (courtesy of English Heritage), one of which you wouldn’t even know is there!

Access: Even paths but some steps.

The Elizabethan Line

Meet at the Castlegate car park entrance

“I must admit the new wall is marvellous beautiful”, was an opinion voiced to Queen Elizabeth in 1568, but what did the writer go on to say? Built at a time of uncertainty, this was the most expensive project of Elizabeth’s reign. Today, a tour of these walls is the best way to see Berwick and get an overview of its past and along the way encounter conflicting consultants and medieval map making. Includes entrance to Cumberland Bastion (courtesy of English Heritage).

Access: Even paths but some steps.

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